Reverse Osmosis Filtration & Your Well being

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Do you know that there are between 9 and twelve million lead pipes nonetheless in use in US water distribution methods? How about chlorine and chloramines within the water, or the by-products such disinfectants may give rise to? Irrespective of the place we glance, we discover water transmitting harmful contaminants and microorganisms. That is to be anticipated, given water’s nature. Because the “universal solvent,” water is excellent at selecting up hint quantities of nearly the whole lot it comes into contact with. And, because the supply of all life on the planet, it makes for a really efficient vector for the transmission of pathogens, protozoa, parasites, and all method of microorganisms. 

Happily, human innovation has risen to satisfy the challenges of non-potable water. Ever for the reason that historical Egyptians and Sumerians, human beings have acknowledged each the necessity to filter water of contaminants, and a number of the methods to do it–charcoal (or activated carbon) filtration was utilized by many historical peoples, as an illustration. 

One of the crucial latest–and most strong–types of water filtration, nonetheless, is reverse osmosis. Developed in the course of the Sixties and 70s as a method of desalinating seawater, reverse osmosis (RO) filtration is a mechanical type of filtration that entails forcing water by way of a semi-porous membrane with extremely small pores. A median RO membrane can have porous openings which are between .01 and .0001 microns. When you think about {that a} human hair is roughly 70 microns in diameter, the filtration capabilities of those membranes turns into pretty clear. 

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These filters are able to decreasing not solely particulate matter in your water, however dissolved solids as effectively. The pores are so small that they filter on a molecular degree, straining out cysts and parasites, in addition to bits of dissolved lead or different heavy metals, PFAs, microplastics, and lots of extra widespread contaminants. When an RO membrane is coupled with different filters, akin to a sediment and carbon combo, the result’s a robust all-in-one filtration unit, like this one. 

RO systems like this are sometimes put in underneath a sink, or as a “Point-of-Use” (POE) system. Filters sometimes final from six months to a yr, which means that for a minimal preliminary funding, and a few annual maintenance, you may have contemporary, bottled-water high quality filtered water coming straight out of your faucet. 

With all that’s in our water today, together with new and rising contaminants akin to PFAs and microplastics–the necessity for clear, protected ingesting water is extra urgent than ever. Don’t fall sufferer to the invisible threats in your water–shield your self and your loved ones with an RO ingesting water system immediately.

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