8 Lovely Duas for Umrah with Step-By-Step Information

Many pilgrims carry little booklets and chant particular du’as for each circle of the tawaf and sa’ee in the event that they go for Umrah by Umrah packages from USA. Not like standard notion, each spherical of those ceremonies doesn’t have a selected du’a hooked up to it. 

Nonetheless, there isn’t any specific dhikr that was advised from the Prophet. As an alternative, the Muslims might provide any du’a from the Qur’an and Sunnah whereas performing tawaf.  Regardless, the Prophet made prayers a number of occasions all through Umrah, giving us examples to comply with. You may provide additional du’as throughout Umrah that are derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Moreover, you don’t need to repeat your prayers solely in Arabic. You will need to comprehend the importance of the du’as you recite slightly than simply reciting them. 

Dua as quickly as you get there:

You don’t want to carry out any specific duas throughout Umrah. Even so, it’s possible you’ll witness completely different pilgrims carrying dua booklets whereas they perform a number of pilgrimage rites. It’s because Muslims wish to comply with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and recite these specific duas that he recited all through his Umrah. You might recite any dua listed within the Shariah or the Holy Quran, as there aren’t any designated duas for each spherical of Tawaf. 

Get Prepared Earlier than Performing Umrah

Listed here are some fundamental guidelines to comply with when preparing for the Hajj or Umrah: Resolve in your coronary heart to supply a honest Hajj or Umrah for Allah’s profit.

  • Categorical your remorse to Allah for any previous transgressions and decide to by no means repeat them.
  • Make sure that the funds you make the most of for the Hajj or Umrah originate from sources which are halal, or allowed.
  • Prepare to make up for any missed charity, fasting, or prayers prior to now. Categorical remorse to your dad and mom, household, and everybody else you will have harmed.
  • Put your needs in writing and have two grownup witnesses signal it. Give it to a detailed relative or your lawyer.
  • Get able to embark on a visit mentally to momentarily step away from the surface world.
  • Acknowledge the customs and know the best way to comply with them.
  • Needless to say it’s an act of devotion and give up to Allah.
  • To take care of good well being, eat a balanced food regimen, go to mattress early, and stand up early.
  • In your Hajj or Umrah, commit the prayers and expressions of recall to reminiscence.
  • Make sure that plans are made for the folks you may be abandoning.
  • Vaccinate towards flu, polio, and meningitis as required by Saudi authorities.
  • Ensure that your passport expires on the day of departure by a minimum of six months.
  • Preserve your photocopies of essential paperwork securely.
  • At a Hajj camp, seal any pharmaceuticals you will have.
  • Carry sufficient Saudi Riyals with you, and put together your spending utilizing bank cards.
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Getting Prepared for Ihram: Customs and Procedures

A number of issues have to be performed earlier than donning the Ihram:

  • Shave the pubic hair and underarms.
  • Minimize your nails.
  • Take a shower, even if you happen to’re a postpartum hemorrhaging girl or in your interval.
  • Males ought to scent good on their heads and beards, however not on their ihram clothes.
  • Males cowl their backside half of their our bodies with Izaar (a chunk of cloth) and their higher half with Reda’ whereas they put on the ihram. You can’t put on the rest.
  • The Niqaab (facial veil) and gloves will not be required for ladies to put on.

 Prayers are carried out on the Meeqat, and the willingness to conduct Umrah is expressed with the phrases “Labayka’ Umrah” or “Allahumma labbayka’ Umrah.”

Sure objects are prohibited throughout Ihram:

  • Keep away from trimming your nails or hair.
  • Keep away from utilizing fragrance.
  • Avoid acts of want when together with your associate.
  • No discussions or texts that might arouse want.
  • No sexual exercise.
  • Males ought to keep away from masking their heads.
  • Keep away from carrying something, even undergarments, that defines the physique.
  • Ladies ought to keep away from masking your fingers or face except you might be with non-mahram males.

The Talbiyah, a dua that continues to Mecca, begins the journey. As quickly as you arrive, provide a selected prayer and enter the holy mosque.


Tawaf is the subsequent, doing seven circles across the Ka’bah. Throughout Tawaf, males might carry out Raml and Idhtibaa’. Make non-public prayers between Black Stone and the Yemeni nook. You could take the next actions to make sure that your Tawaf is respectable:

  • Take a solo stroll across the Kaaba to conduct your tawaf your self.
  • Declare aloud or in your coronary heart your intention that you’re performing tawaf.
  • Affirm that you’re inside Mecca’s Grand Mosque masjid Al Haram to carry out tawaf.
  • Cleanse and wash oneself earlier than Tawaf means a state of wudhu.
  • Give your self an intensive bathtub (Ghusl) earlier than Tawaf. For example, all through your menstrual cycle.
  • Draw consideration to your non-public areas.
  • Begin your Tawaf from Hajar al-Aswad.
  • Circumambulate the Kaaba by going towards its orientation means shifting Counterclockwise.
  • Keep away from the semicircle that surrounds the Kaaba.
  • Attempt to stroll independently throughout Tawaf.
  • End seven circles across the Kaaba.
  • Following Tawaf, carry out two nawafil of prayer.
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Sa’ee: Recite prayers whereas strolling seven occasions between Safa and Marwah. Wudhu or Niyyah will not be crucial.

Umrah completion 

Halaq or Qasar: Minimize or shave your hair contained in the borders of Haram.

Thank the Creator because the Umrah involves an finish and the Ihram limitations are eliminated.


Could Allah bless and settle for your Umrah journey. Many dependable journey firms are providing cheap Ramadan Umrah packages to you. There are quite a few duas and supplications that you could say below the Shariah or Sunnah, though none are particularly prescribed for this specific voyage. Thus, be certain that you maximize your journey by repeating the duas that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stated whereas on his Umrah.

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