Improving Website Speed with CSS and HTML – Best Practices for Faster Loading


  1. Use external CSS file instead of inline CSS.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
  1. Minify CSS file to reduce file size.
  2. Use CSS sprites to reduce HTTP requests.


  1. Minify HTML to reduce file size.
  2. Reduce the number of HTTP requests by combining multiple files.
  3. Use image compression techniques such as WebP or JPEG 2000.
  4. Use lazy loading to load images only when necessary.
  5. Use browser caching to reduce page load time.

Here’s an example of how to use lazy loading for images in HTML:

<img src="placeholder.jpg" data-src="actual-image.jpg" loading="lazy" />

This will load the actual image only when the user scrolls down to the image.

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