Is Wudu obligatory for Tawaf?

Tawaf stays among the many oldest types of worship. Pilgrims touring to Makkah with their Umrah packages are required to supply Tawaf as a part of their minor pilgrimage rituals. With out it, Umrah and Hajj are incomplete. As well as, Tawaf will be undertaken voluntarily by the pilgrims.

What’s Tawaf?


  1. Tawaf is an act of circumambulating across the Holy Kaabah current in Masjid-al-Haram (Makkah, Saudia Arabia).
  2. The circumambulation have to be accomplished by the pilgrims in an anti-clockwise course i.e., protecting the Holy Kaabah on the left-hand facet always.
  3. There are a complete of seven rounds of Tawaf. Every considered one of them should begin from the place of Hajar-al-Aswad i.e., the Black Stone, set within the jap (Yemeni) nook of the Holy Kaabah in addition to finish there.

Distance coated.

The space which must be coated for Tawaf is instantly associated to how far you might be from the Holy Kaabah. Pilgrims who’re performing tawaf within the interior circles have a shorter distance to cowl, whereas the pilgrims current within the outer circles or the flooring above floor degree have an extended diameter for Tawaf rounds. For additional data you need to learn the Umrah Travel Agency broachers and Articles from their websites. Subsequently, the time taken to supply Tawaf additionally varies considerably.


  1. Tawaf have to be carried out by the pilgrims inside the premises of Masjid-al-Haram however exterior the boundary of Holy Kaabah.
  2. One factor to recollect on this regard is that Hijr Ismail or Hateem (a small space adjoining to Holy Kaabah) stays a part of Holy Kaabah’s construction. Subsequently, Tawaf have to be carried out exterior of it as effectively. If any pilgrim enters the Hateem space whereas performing Tawaf, his/her ritual of Tawaf would turn into invalid.
  3. Be aware that, your Tawaf nonetheless stays legitimate in case your view of the Holy Kaabah is impeded by partitions, pillars, or because of being at a peak for Tawaf i.e., above the bottom ground.
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  1. Among the many stipulations of performing Tawaf is the state of purity. Whether or not you might be performing Tawaf of Holy Kaabah in Ihram or enterprise it voluntarily, bodily purification have to be attained previous to getting into the boundary of Masjid-al-Haram and performing Tawaf.
  2. If you’re in a state of a serious bodily impurity i.e., the state of Janabah, Ghusl is Wajib so that you can attain purity. With out it, one shouldn’t be allowed to supply a tawaf ritual. Then again, if there is no such thing as a main bodily impurity, one could make Wudu i.e., ablution, and proceed with tawaf rituals.
  3. It is usually vital to make it possible for the clothes you might be sporting whereas performing Tawaf is free from any type of impurity.
  4. If an individual’s wudu is nullified whereas performing Tawaf, he/she should cease it straight away, make wudu once more and proceed the Tawaf from the place it was left i.e., it’s permissible to make wudu a number of instances throughout tawaf as per the necessity.
  5. Girls within the state of menstruation or post-natal bleeding usually are not allowed to carry out Tawaf till they’ve attained a state of purity.
  6. If an individual performs Tawaf with out having carried out the ablution first, he/she should slaughter a sheep in compensation for violating this situation. Nevertheless, the Tawaf is legitimate after that.
  7. If an individual performs Tawaf performs within the state of Janabah (ensuing from ejaculation or sexual activity), he/she is required to slaughter both a cow or a camel in compensation for this violation to make Tawaf legitimate.
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Overlaying the Awrah.

With a purpose to carry out Tawaf, males, and girls ought to costume appropriately i.e., masking the awrah.

  1. For males, it’s the space of the physique from their navel to down beneath the knees. It should stay coated always.
  2. For girls, it consists of their entire physique with the one exception of their face and arms.

So, it may be concluded that being in a state of purity is a crucial requirement for Tawaf. Both one could make wudu for it or carry out Ghusl (no matter is critical) and solely then proceed with the Tawaf rituals.

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