What Should You Consider Before Investing in an Unlisted Commercial Property Fund 

Commercial property investments are one of the most lucrative ways to build wealth through real estate. With so many options of investment in unlisted property funds available in the market, it can get tricky to pick one for your portfolio. However, there are certain parameters that you must consider to understand the yield and benefit offered by the unlisted commercial property. 

1. Included assets in the fund portfolio 

The returns on the fund investment in real estate depend on the quality of the asset in the portfolio. The assessment of the building standard is based on the fulfilment of a diverse array of requirements in the market. 

No matter the type of property included, such as residential or commercial, the location plays a significant role in ascertaining the valuation. In addition, nowadays, the green star rating of the buildings is also in consideration by the tenants or leasing parties. 

That’s to say, the standard of superiority for the real estate selections relies on its location, building valuation, rating compliance, charged rent and the lease term. 

2. Yield and Risk with the asset class 

The vital factor to consider before investing in property funds is the extent of risk appetite. Depending on the goals of your investment, you must choose the type of unlisted real estate funds. 

For instance, if you require access to funds before the expiration of the tenure, open-ended funds are a better choice. However, if you wish to invest your money for long-term returns, illiquid assets or closed-ended unlisted funds will be more suitable for you.

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The investor must pick the portfolio and asset on the basis of the risk profile they want to align with. Higher returns come with higher risk exposure in the yield generation with property funds. 

3. Costs and Fees 

Depending on the fund and the management structure, specific acquisition fees can be charged in property funds investment. It’d be wise to consider and compare the levied charges of different managers and advisers before investing in a real estate account. 

Usually, the individual or the investor doesn’t pay the costs upfront. However, it is taken into consideration with return forecasts. 

4. Managerial arrangement with the asset

The property fund manager acts as a bridge between the asset and the investor. They assist with the navigation and curation of the investment strategy. For this reason, it’s essential that the managing party carries adequate reputation and expertise to handle diverse portfolios. 

Transparency and communication between the investor and manager are crucial for the performance and risk management of the property funds. 

  • In open-ended property funds, the detailed functionality with timing, subscription pricing and redemption are pivotal, which a good manager can facilitate for greater consistency. 
  • In closed-ended funds, with longer tied-up investment duration, an efficient manager enables the redressal of concerns and facilitates seamless administration. 

Investment in an unlisted property fund can be a brilliant way of portfolio diversification. With a defined closing window and fixed parameters, these avenues provide like-minded individuals to collaborate for long-term stability. 

However, allocating funds for unlisted property demands a few important attributes to consider. Through contemplation of crucial factors like asset quality and management, you can build a robust income channel. The best part about these funds is that they are safe from the fluctuations of the share market. 

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2022-09-03 13:05:40

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